Dec 4, 2008


When a challenger arrives on the scene, the established forces scramble to gather resources and squish the challenger with a flurry of arrows.

One of two things will happen at this point, the establishment will either tread on the challenger and extinguish his tender advancements .


The challenger takes the doyens by surprise and proves to be more than capable of taking over their space.

Such a scenario unfolded recently in the unlikely arena of rhyming, with her flurry of well worded arrows Miss Infinity tried to snuff out the poetic ember glowing inside me.Not to be outdone, i unleashed my own set of unguided missiles. Does the fearless challenger kneel to the gargantuan poetic behemoth that is Miss Infinity or does he stand his own ground? Decide for yourselves!

Alien to d poetic world u still are
from true poetic blessings u still r far

till then u can use many a lame line

n think ur a poetic einstein

To the poetic world i may be new
but in the literary circle i'm one of the few

This planet also i will surely take over

i will make sure your reign ends forever

U think u can bid me farewell from my own haven?
where my words have been engraven!

so wrongly u have spoken

a flood of rage you have awoken

You are a ruler who has held on too long
Your so old you can't hear the gong

that heralds my arrival

pray for your survival

You can take a year or a decade
ur words in no time will surely fade

but when i rise to heights unreachable
u can try to spot me with the telescope hubble!

Rhyming is a left hand job
Spotlight from you, i will rob
A year from today i swear to hell
without a sigh i will bid you farewell

Ur ignorance but does make me laugh aloud
d way u'v landed on d 9th cloud
but I'll let u enjoy ur glory a bit
coz wen it comes to poetic competition i dont give a shit

Hear ye, hear ye, there is a new bard in town
Here from far to replace the clown
A poem a day he promises to deliver
Come and cry a mighty river!

Hear ye hear ye d new bard in town
is here to make d real poets drown
in a river which he thinks they might cry
little does he know what he's gonna try
is a task so impossible to do
amidst poetic goddesses who
can rhyme like a sea flows its course
and throw off amateurs off its shores

The successor has matched the incumbent
In her armor he has made a dent
With every reply that he gave
he pushed her deeper into her grave!

Grave u are diggin of your own young man
u can try as hard as you can
u cant write words as powerful as mine
it takes talent to rhyme lines so fine

The cricket match distracts me
Else i would have stung you like a bee
Go hide under a rock
or else i will continue to mock!

Fine lets continue later wid d Crap
for ur work so far u deserve a clap
i dint think u wud survive so long
against a competitor whose so strong

With that declaration of approval
Ms Infinity rang the bell
to herald the birth of star
who will croon in many a bar!

Dec 2, 2008

The book of Re-Genisis

1And on the 24,566,343,343,545th day of the creation, God said "Let my smile be etched upon the night sky, so that man might know of my pleasure toward him". 2And so the moon, and the planets combined to create a spectacle that would remind mankind that god was indeed smiling upon them,with a winking eye and a crooked smile! ;)

Bengaluru nightsky was blessed with this pleasant sight on dec 1st 2008, Jupiter, venus and the moon met for a sky party and there were smiles all around!