Aug 29, 2012

Roommate Chronicles #3

The Roomie: Why do you people think investment bankers are robbers? We are not that way!

 J**C made 17 billion dollars in profits last year and only some of it was stolen!

He who steals and does not lie, is he not virtuous?

Aug 25, 2012

Roommate Chronicles #2

The Roomie: Vivek if you blog about me it would be like the last page of Delhi times...
How is that?
The Roomie: Everyone pretends to buy the paper for the front page, but all they are interested is in the near nude pictures on the last page
So if you read this post, you have just seen my roomie in a compromising position

Roommate Chronicles #1

The Roomie: Vivek!! That guy is a chu***a

How can you tell?

The Roomie: I am an excellent judge of character; for example im the one who discovered I'm a genius!

How does one argue with that kind of lucid logic!

EXAMine the Purpose!

O great teacher I want to be successful, how can I be successful?

Teacher:  Why do you want to be successful?

Well it will makes me happy, success will make me happy

Teacher: If that were the case most people on earth would be depressed, some of the happiest people are not particularly successful, success only brings more responsibility till you reach a level of responsibility that you cannot fulfil making you unsuccessful. Is it not better just to be unsuccessful and happy?

But success brings with it appreciation, I want to be appreciated.

Teacher:  Appreciation from people is like a bow that is being strung, the more praise you receive further is the bow strung till a false move from you releases the arrows of criticism flying high and far into the heart of your Ego. Is not better to escape the trap of appreciation and ensuing judgement and be the master and judge of your own actions?

But If I am appreciated by people, they will like me better.

Teacher:  The all knowing men of this world whose songs of valour are sung on the streets are often despised in the hearts of people.  Is it not better to be well liked by a few for your foolish playfulness than be despised by a multitude for your overbearing knowledge and power?

What is the purpose of my life if it is not to strive hard to be successful?

Teacher:  The purpose is never to be successful; the purpose is to enjoy your daily labour. Focussing on the end result at the expense of the present is folly; does the helmsman pilot a ship with his eyes on the shores? He looks to avoid the obstacles nearest to him, the skills of his endeavours providing the greatest joys.

Teacher: My child do not be trapped by the seductions of success and praise and worse still the mirage of popularity. The purpose will always elude all but the childlike. I urge you to seek the simplicity in your actions and the joy of living in the daily. Who knows perhaps the exam of life only seeks to know your Name and Roll No., write it down quick and watch with amusement as the others struggle to fill in the pages!

I tend to wonder about success, purpose and other related paraphernalia during exam time! :(