Aug 1, 2009

Thudl in a nutshell!

A couple of days back i was staying over at my uncle's place and i chanced upon a copy of the TIME magazine, this was the annual edition featuring the hundred most influential people on earth. It featured one Indian, A R Rahman.No wonder the magazine isn't too popular in India!

As i flipped through the pages i saw an article on Rafael Nadal, which was written by Serena Williams, being an avid tennis fan i decided to read and find out about what makes Rafa tick.Serena says that Rafa is one of the most hardworking individuals in the tennis circuit.He's the first to arrive for practice and the last to leave,the student who sleeps last and rises up early,relentless in his pursuit of greatness!

The line about "rising early and sleeping late" struck a chord with me.I realized that if i am to do something useful in life i must adopt the same mindset and discipline. Show the same determination and passion in everything that i do.So

That night,

I slept very early,

And woke up real late!


Thats me in a nutshell!