Jun 17, 2008

A lot on his mind!

Recently a friend and i were walking down a road, at a distance we could see this cute li'll puppy! Cute as an adjective for a puppy is cliche, but this one really was that li'll extra bit cute!

Unable to resist life's simple pleasures we motioned towards the cute ball of fur! But there was something really strange about this puppy, its face was contorted in agony, it bore an expression of great worry, the way my face seems to look an hour before an exam! The puppy seemed depressed, like it had lost something of great value, its brows knitted together, the eyes dark and hollow, lips quivering, forming a collage of confusion and tension!

Adding salt to the puppy's deep mental wounds we proceeded to pat and cuddle the adorable creature, which only served to incense the sense of insecurity within the puppy! Our dexterous attempts to trap the puppy and forcibly console him added to the misery of the li'll fella. Finally due to sympathy for a fellow created being and the possibility of catching rabies we let the pup run free. Without a single expression of triumph on its face the pup ran to the safety of an overgrown shrub. Following our movements till we were out of sight with a hawk like gaze!

This was perhaps the first time i saw an animal display such raw and unabashed emotion! The pup most probably lost track of its mother, considering the fact that dogs can sniff a scent miles away, the pup will most likely have its smile restored. But it brought a mixed bag of feelings for me.

It led me to wonder about how we kill animals for food, destroy their habitats for various purposes, separate many a mother and child by poaching and huting, i pondered about the variety of emotions that the animals could be feeling, without vocal cords to protest, to complain or to seek justice except perhaps to howl at night, at the solitary glowing yellow mass in the sky, screaming at the moon for being such a silent and indifferent witness.

The pup also reminded me about the momentary worries that consume our very existence, that serve to bring a perpetual frown to most of our faces, the pup was deathly frightened about losing its mother, who probably went lurking for food in the neighboring garbage bin! Similarly we worry, fret and even trouble others with our problems which we will not even remember in a few years time. And its amazing how we run away from the greater being ,just like the pup, when he tries to console and comfort us!

The simple lessons that can be learned by observing the actors in the great stage act called nature!


scribbleworld said...

Pups are supposed to be innocent and pure. Now, how on earth do you expect a creature like that to react when it sees something like you ("the lean mean machine;)") trying to grab the li'll one.....???

I wonder who was accompanying you then("friend??")..was it neha?(that teenage gal down the street?) or teami( the gal next door?).. or was hygalulu (The wonder woman?).. hmmmm..... must be tinkle tweep's gal buddy.. Knew it!!!!

The pug looks real worried... Did it look the same before you put it onto your blog???

THUDL said...

e ha ha ha ha! very funny scribbu!.....the pug was being subjected to tosh talks...hence the look!

Ace of Spades said...

the pup looks a lot like the Hutch pup. Maybe it lost network and hence the worried look :)

Archana said...

The pup looks like Thudl after he gets his usual haircuts...now u know exactly how we feel when we sympathise with u Thudl!

The post brings out Thudl's empathy towards animals in such a weird "awwww" way..after all the stuff u've written, the least u can do is become a vegetarian!!

Rukmani Ram said...

"It led me to wonder about how we kill animals for food"..

and did that wondering lead you to become a vegetarian?

THUDL said...

Er..well...hmmmmm...i would wanna try but i'm afraid colonel sanders would hunt me down and stuff his delicious munchy crunchy scrunchy delicasies down into my ever inviting mouth...yum...mmmmm

oops! got carried away there..tee hee...

veggism? not for me i guess! but atleast i dont eat dogs like the chinese! down with the dragon! all hail the tiger!;)

Priyanka Shetty said...
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Priyanka Shetty said...

"The simple lessons that can be learned by observing the actors in the great stage act called nature!"..Did you flick this from Shakespeare? He he..nicely written!

THUDL said...

i knew it sounded familiar!.... damn shakespeare taking all the good lines just cause he got a head start! ;) he's dead so i dont have to worry about a plagiarism lawsuit!