Jul 23, 2009

One of those pearls.......

Every star wars fan has a pet moment, a scene from the movie which sets his imagination rolling, fires up those goosebumps and forces you to roll up a newspaper and pretend that your a Jedi.

Whosh...buzz...whosh...buzz...dude i am your father......nooooo......really?.....:)

But for me, my defining moment came when i was watching 'Clone Wars' , a cartoon adaptation of the famous movie series. Two of the episodes had me perched at the edge of my seat, salivating with disbelief, fully engrossed by the unbelievable action and style shown by the protagonist. So sit back and enjoy.

Let me give a brief synopsis for those unaccustomed with the Jedi way.

The episode begins as with all Star wars episodes in a galaxy far far away, in a distant planet, the clones led by the iconic Master Mace Windu(second only to Master Yoda in stature and authority) are in battle against the rebel army consisting of droids in all sizes and shapes.Master Windu and the white-armored clones are able to hold the droids off, but that's when a monstrous terrain changing super machine enters the battle field.


Oh no! Our hero has lost his all powerful light saber, leaving him defenceless,moreover he's surrounded by enemy droids, with a thousand laser guns pointed right at his throat! Is it all over for the great Jedi? Has the force left him for good? But his face betrays no emotion, does he know something that we don't? What could he possibly do?


Wasn't that brilliant? :)

All he did was look left, look right and then sent a massive force blast to remove the enemy droids! After that the carnage begins! He beats the nuts and bolts out of the droids with his bare hands, uses the force to send a few of them to metallic kingdom come.

The best part was when he simply disseminated one of the bots with the force and then nonchalantly uses the debris to destroy a few more bots! What style! What panache! Woe to you James Bond, you cannot do any of these but even then these adjectives are ascribed to you!:D

And when he finally locates his light saber! My God Almighty! There is no stopping him! He wields it with indifference, body still, eyes fixed, but the light saber dances with unrelenting speed!

And the rest is fictional history! He brings down the towering machine with calculated precision. One man bringing down an army has always been a sight to watch, Neo vs the army of Smiths, Superman, Goku,Rajnikanth? Maybe not! But Mace Windu will fill fit in easily in this hall of glory.

Like all great heroes he doesn't hesitate to smile and accept a drink of water from the enviable boy, i bet he tried hard all his life to become a Jedi!:D

My adrenaline is pumping, must take a walk to cool off! heh!

P.S I may have sounded like a teenaged girl describing her encounter with a movie star, but what the heck! i'm more or less a teenager, bit of a girl, and Mace Windu is more than a movie star for me!

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scribbleworld said...

Windu's quite a hero and your blog took me to my childhood days when i used to be fascinated with cartoon action but now I like real movie action:).
This proves that your a girl;) and that still a kid at heart:) but what the heck. We all are.

For some reason,Windu reminds me of Ro! heheh!