Nov 2, 2007

Eden revisited - chapter 1

"It just isn't fair!, all i wanted to see was if dinosaurs could survive an asteroid hit" implored Lucifer. "Its not like i intended to kill em off" he added. "He's lying my lord" interjected michael, "Couple of decades back he tried the ice age trick, only last week he tried to kill some of them with a giant wave and now this!!" michael had never really liked lucifer, he felt the lord was being too soft on him, lucifer deserved to be thrown into the dungeons.

"There there michael, i've granted overseership of earth and her sister planets to lucifer, son of the morning star, i trust him to care for my beings, he wouldn't belittle my creations knowingly now would you lucifer?" the king on the emerald throne answered.

"But sire, have you forgotten about mars? the once green fountain filled planet, don't you remember the day you formed it, the day you shaped its belly, the hour you filled its springs, the saplings you planted, the rivers you brought forth!" , micheal was a passionate servant, filled with zeal, gentle as a spring breeze, but in his anger a mighty gale.

"Not That again! i'm tired of explaining it over and over again , the orbit of the planet changed, nothing much i could do, besides a 'martian' sounds scary, a red planet on the horizon of earth, now thats a neat setting for many a ghost story!" , michael scowled at lucifer's carefree words.

"Lucifer, i would now take leave of you", the lord's benevolent smile extended even to scum like lucifer thought michael, "and you may remain michael" , moments spent alone soaking in the wisdom of the high king were always precious to him, " my pleasure, my king" replied michael

As Lucifer left the throne room, the king smiled, and said "I know of Lucifer's doings michael, but my purpose always prevails, should i not be kind, should i not be patient, with even the vilest of my creation? don't i love every creature i've created? everything serves its purpose, even you michael, the evening star , you must glow through the ages, bring light in the cool of the dusk."

"i do not doubt your wisdom lord" replied michael. "But i almost never understand your ways" michael added unabashedly.

With a twinkle in his eye God declared "I must set about to make my greatest creation, a race of beings made in my own image, who within them have the power to create, to imagine, a race that have a choice, a choice to submit to my will, a race that'll populate earth."

The implications of the Lord's words stunned michael, inspite of all the thoughts racing through his head he said "i trust your judgement lord".And as always he believed.


Karan said...

A witty and clever dialogue.

Archana said...

Nice to see a dash of drama in your writing.Its like...this post brings out the faith you have in the Almighty.Lucifer's statements in his defence and the way you've brought out God's point of view when it comes to his creations is wonderful!Eagerly waiting for chapter 2.

Content said...

You write very well.