Nov 5, 2007

Who What Why

Who is thudl? what is thudl? Is he a person? most definitely! Am i swedish? An ex viking who's tired of plundering and instead has taken up reliving past victories in one of google's many free services?

Nope, Thudl is a boy,Thudl is a mask, on the lines of Stanley Ipkiss's mask (The MASK) , thudl is a macho name the boy created( thanks to t9) to make up for the lack of creativity from mom n dad, To be pronounced on the lines of muddle and puddle. Enough with the name, what does he stand for?

He's from kerela, he likes the color red, so does that mean he's a communist? oh dear god no! Then he surely must support congress, surely!, he does , but why? Did the Gandhi family do anything for him? Or was it because he was influenced by his die-hard congress supporting grandmother? Or is it because he didn't have much of a choice? Thudl is largely peace loving, believes in the status quo, so did the demolishing of the babri masjid by the other leading national party rub him the wrong way? The Congress has had its share of mistakes too . Thudl loves gandhi, even before he saw lage raho munna bhai, that must be it! or is it?

Thudl must be religious, but who would you call religious? the ever praying hypocrite? The self serving priest? the selfless nun? thudl believes religion is a barrier to the author of religion, god . So thudl has crossed the barrier has he? He avoids the barrier, isn't that a step? But how do you explain all the pain and suffering in this world thudl? would your 'god' do that?

Thudl feels he knows the answer. But can he convey it? What if God isn't in control? What if god's given man the joystick to control his life , all the time hoping man would press the help key, Thudl knows simplistic answers will lead to more questions, But its thudl's blog, thudl can have his say!

Surely thudl must be part of a religion, and not just believe in an abstract god, free of mythology and legends, no, thudl is a christian , But is thudl strategising to convert the next person he meets to Christianity , Thudl is not forceful ,Thudl doesn't stand to gain any more than what he has , So thudl isn't a zealot? he is though, in his own way,perhaps the right way, letting his actions show the way, But are his actions worthy? , he tries, but fails often .

What would you feel if you met thudl? Will he be shy? reticent? Or will he be loud, outgoing? a leader ? most of you wouldn't know , it wouldn't make a difference to your lives , Thudl is happy enough to be heard on his blog.

Is Thudl a good son ? friend ? master?( to his lizards and cockroaches) , thudl is revealing himself, draw your own conclusions! why is thudl here? could it be cause he had a vision? was he inspired? or was it just that his friend was making a blog too?

Thudl is a boy, wanting to be heard , thudl is just a soul, waiting to share , thudl is just an id hoping for friend requests , thudl is a spirit longing to leave , thudl is just a blog waiting to be viewed


Archana said...

Wow "thudl"!..Thats sounds like an impressive bit of some serious soul searching!
Thudl is reality to those of us who know him, and in the confines of the blog world he's a virtual character waiting to be discovered!Very well put forth!

May your voice reach out to millions across continents waiting as eagerly as you, to listen and to be heard!..:-)

(to all ppl viewing this,pls make as many visits as possible to this 'hits-deprived'web page that identifies itself as THUDL-t9 version of Vivek if you've still not got the point.The things a simple encoded name can inspire!)

Karan said...

Yey! did like it! some humour and some thoughts...

keep it going thudl, ul have many 'hits' !!! ;-)