Jan 26, 2008

First Love

It was love at first sight. We(a friend and i) were shopping at brigade road, walking around with no specific purpose, with an ice-cream cone in one hand, shopping bags in the other, we stepped into yet another shop laughing joking and being merry, thats when i saw her......

She was dark, yet she had that radiance about her, she wore a metallic grey outfit that seemed to adorn her magically, was adrenaline clouding my eyesight or was i looking at a queen?And the best part was, this was not going to be some look-fantasise-forget experience, my friend actually knew her!! He hastened towards her with a smile, I naturally followed suit . He had met her at the same store 2 weeks back, co-incidentally, and had been acqauinted with her.

She seemed to be the star of the show somehow, people were crowding around her, was she some kind of celebrity? i wondered. Up close she looked fabulous. As my friend introduced me to her, i realised that beneath the looks and the aura, there was a soul, in her i saw a possible "best friend" other people were said to have, she was very friendly, acessible, easy goin . I was spell bound and dazed but was sane enough to get a contact no.

There was nothing else i could think of that night, She was in my dreams, I woke up thinking about her, I wanted her, every bit of her, she would complete me, assist me,entertain me and i would give her power, friendship, anything she wanted! I would buy her any acessory, any enhancement she wanted, she would be mine forever and ever.

A couple of days later, I met her again, but this time i would take her home, nothing had made me this excited ever, on the way home, i told her everything i could think of, i just couldn't shut up, he re-assuring silence only spurred me on.

When we reached home, i carried her upstairs, Boy was she heavy! but weight was never a criterion for me, i never had liked the slim sort. She was all i wanted. When we reached my room i hurriedly divested her of all her adornings, i lifted her up, placed her on my table, and we connected at a level we never had.

At this point, your either thinking "Well..something is fishy" or hoping for a scene out of The Original Sin, nothing is fishy and its not angelina-banderas style action, but it was action all right,i turned her on, i stroked her all night,increased her volume, tweaked her to perfection, and i have been doing all this and more for over 4 years now . My HP pavilion t430i desktop computer is undoubtedly one of the best thing that ever happened to me.

So this is a tribute to "her" . She's just not any computer , she really is beautiful, she has still not died on me, has stuck with me through viruses, worms, She's been my avenue to another world. Rock on baby! Papa loves you loads

Isn't she HOTT?;)


Archana said...

Was that supposed to be a fancy description?!..but a geek like u describing a gal in that manner..eeehahaha..whom u trying to fool kid?!

Next, we can expect a similar description for ur new beloved cellphone..

(N i couldnt help but notice in the pic..u'v removed ur favourite Britney Spears poster from the wall behind ur pc!)

Considering the fact that we all love our pcs very much..must say..interesting piece of writing..for ppl who dont know the real Thudl...the suspense build-up wud be a thumbs up!

Zeddy said...

Sure... i knew from the start that there was somethin fishy about the whole thing. was just waiting to see what it was. haha. good one. :)

chu's right. where's the brit spears' pic???

THUDL said...

britney spears lost the custody of the poster and had to maintain a 10m radius away from the poster...

Kids..don't do drugs...even ur poster will disown you!

Priyanka Shetty said...

Lol!!!That amounts to Balderdash!Perfect name, i must admit!But 'twas funny!:)

zula's memory said...

funny, i realli thot it was a girl!
nice description, i thot sumthin was wierd onli towards the end.!!!
keep it going!

scribbleworld said...

:( :( :(

FIRST LOVE HUH?????????????????