Feb 6, 2009

Well most of us are not going to be wise men who's words will be revered through the ages. But even then we try our best to find some immortal analogy or observation that will travel with the times. Very occasionally one might find a gem, but the rest of the time S.H.I.T is created. By S.H.I.T i mean a Simpleton's Hardly Inspiring Thought.

I had one such S.H.I.Ty moment today. I was travelling on my bike as usual, lost in thought, trying my best to avoid the shit(real) on the road. But thats when i was hit with a S.H.I.T, the S.H.I.T just came flying out of nowhere.

The S.H.I.T that consumed me was, “why do they say that traffic flows?” . What led me to this sudden loosely composed S.H.I.T was that, at a bottle-neck traffic seems to stall and slow down, whereas in a real river the water seems to speed up when it encounters a narrow bottle-neck. Hence traffic is certainly not fluid like in nature and therefore does not flow.AHA! i hope the reader understands the depth of my S.H.I.T.

So traffic does not flow, it simply travels. Which makes sense cause everyone involved in a traffic jam is indeed traveling. But this leads us to another great question,what about a waterway? A place like Venice where there are more boats than cars? Doesn't the traffic flow there? Well the answer is, no, because a vehicle without a horn cannot create the deafening irritating noise that is characteristic of a traffic jam. Since most boats don't have a horn, they cannot create traffic.

I have been saving this S.H.I.T in me all day, so that i can blog about it. I have finally managed to share my S.H.I.T with the whole world. Blogging is what makes it possible. So till i have more S.H.I.T to distribute, ADIOS!


scribbleworld said...

This Cant really be called one of Thudl's Master pieces but i still liked the way you've tried to convey your S.H.I.T to the masses;).Although, only a few insignificant number of members from the large mass will bother reading this "hit-deficient" blog;).

That was F.H.I.T..I'm sure you know what that means by now.

So the verdict is: Nice and Funny.

If i were Rajeev Masand, i would say: 'I read it with some expectations n I'm not very disappointed:)

***....3 stars;0

scribbleworld said...

I just read it again and it seems like its getting better each time i read it.I don know if my interpretation skills have gone down or if its just your blog acting like old wine:)

Archana said...

first of all..the picture!..its simply hilarious!!

wouldnt say it made me laugh out loud like some of ur usual jokes but the very concept is inspiring..next time i come across a S.H.I.T..i'll make sure i try to analyze it..just to simply realize the simplicity behind it!

i'm sure you could have cum up with better S.H.I.Ts to blog about..but who gives a shit anyway...your blog..ur choice...hope the S.H.I.T gives u many more a much deprived "hit"

Ace of Spades said...

after two months you came up with that shit?
worth it i say!!

but to contradict - in a river bottleneck, like you said water gushes out at the end, but is a bit slow reaching there. similarly, in a jam, the traffic slows to a red light and just screams out of the blocks on a green light. similar?

THUDL said...

@ace of spades Well you do have a point. But you must remember that the water molecules are not getting irritated or feeling nauseated waiting to get to the bottle neck. And the ocean isnt exactly a five star destination!:D

THUDL said...

@scrib well SHIT gets better the more you meditate on it. :D
@archana btw your the inspiration for S.H.I.T

Rohith said...

Holy S.H.I.T.!!!

My IQ just went down a bit, not after reading the post. But after reading the comments too ;-)

But what you said is very true, S.H.I.T. happens all the time! And if i were to discuss more S.H.I.T. theories, well, let's not go there... Not everyone here is a simpleton :) (the 2 Kuttis)

jonathan said...

can u tell me where did you get that pic from???
i wanna know if the pic is a webpage's logo or something..

THUDL said...

@jonathan i got the pic after an image search on google with the keywords "shit happens". Its supposed to be a famous bumper sticker in the US of A. Hope i have not taken someone's copyrighted image!