Nov 25, 2008

Its a carrot's life!

Most of us eat them, some of us spit them out, but carrots are more than just food items, they have a soul, and each one has a story to tell,

Take Shiela here for instance, she was a model once, has even posed for the PlayCarrot! Sadly a mid life crisis ended her career, a strange growth appeared on her previously flawless thighs! She works as a waitress now, and has taken the setback in her stride, is a proud mother of three beautiful saplings.But most importantly she's happy! An example of carrot resilience!

Or the brave Severus, who served in the Royal Vegetable army(RVA) during the revolt of the fruits. He lost a leg when he was crushed under a rolling jackfruit, inspite of his disability he served under the administrative core of the RVA. In his twilight years he's finally looking to settle down with a lady! We must salute these brave men who put aside their life to further the vegetarian cause.

Many men have faced the grating machine, but few have lived to tell the tale "O twas sharp! It cut me legs clean off the jimmy, i 'owled in pain, no 'elp came, me dragged me down till the city gates, me passes out and finds me self in the 'ospital, me thanks the great god Carrotus for 'is protection" so says Amputus, yet another tale of living with the horrors that carrots face daily!

There are brave men, and then there are men who have no choice but to be brave! Some of us have to live with what nature deals out to us, such is the case with jerry "shorty" Halwa. He was just born short! Teased by the cucumbers at school, ignored by the lady fingers during his formative years, but now is the richest vegetable on the planet, he has a personal net worth of 56% vitamin C, 23% of iron content and 21% of that miracle compound Ethanol!

So you see friends, carrots are people too, they've got their quirks, they have their abnormalities, next time you take a bite, remember that you might be swallowing a story!

(P.S i still have these carrots in my fridge.....i don't have the heart to cut em up and eat em! :( )


Rohith said...

me thinks this 'ere 's an awesome post.
hehe. never saw carrots this way.
u have enlightened me :)

Archana said...

haha! this is a funny post
but contrary to ur intentions..we vegetarians will still continue to eat carrots...we might be a heartless lot but weirdly shaped balderdash carrots cannot influence our dietary habits!
Good one!

scribbleworld said...


Ace of Spades said...

hahahha! haven't read a more hilarious post in a long long time.
great post man, very original and very well written.

if bugs bunny were alive, he wud have said - "keep it up doc!" :)

THUDL said...

@rohith Thanks! was getting tired of all the non-veggie bashing!:)

@Archana So what if a carrot is weirdly shaped? It still is a carrot! We dont discriminate against YOU do we? :D

@scribworld Dont like your carrots eh?

@Ace of Spades Thanks man! Bugs bunny is the villain in this world!:)

Rukmani said...