Nov 26, 2008

She was taken away!

As I walked down a by-lane

Witness was I, to a terrible sight

There she was, howling in pain

Caught by the neck, but still in the fight

She moved to the left, she jumped to the right

But, caught she was, in the dog catcher's snare

I stopped to watch, and pity her plight

To plead her case, I did not dare

She slipped, she fell, into the gutter,

Not able to watch, I walked away

I heard cries in the distance, from her abandoned litter

The puppies yelped, for their mother to stay

The tears didn't flow, the sadness remained

The cruelty all around, had hardened my life

Taken to a far place, to be maimed,

Or beaten, or killed, or put under a knife.

All through the week, I pondered her plight

With time her pain, slipped out of my head

As I walked by the lane, one fine night

I saw her! Healthy as ever, she wasn't dead!

With puppies in tow, she ran free

A green band on her neck, reminded of that day

Cruelty was still at bay, I had to agree

With my smile back in place, I called it a day.


Archana said...

This is an awesome poem!...good effort to rhyme and i really liked the last few lines of conclusion..its a story of highs n lows with a surprisingly nice ending
Emotional venture by the budding newbie poet..hoping ur poetic ventures keep u humbled for life(which i really doubt)'s moi saying "way to go dude!"

scribbleworld said...


Ace of Spades said...

you love dogs dont you dude? :) and dof lovers in bangalore are a rare breed indeed :)

THUDL said...

@archana poetic ventures make you humble? dont see that effect on you yet, poetry just gives a finesse to all the yapping!

@scribworld sucks? well not anymore i hope!

@ace of spades I love dogs, mom wont let me have one, must satisfy my desires with strays!

Rohith said...

Well the saying goes-Every dog has its day.
Doesn't say good or bad...
Nice poem man! :)