Nov 25, 2008


As i sat there sipping hot coffee
A pleasant sight met mine eyes
Two little kids sat at a distance
Conspiring like secretive spies

They planned with hushed whispers,But
wicked grins betrayed their intention
They were plotting to make an escape
From their long and tiring detention

Parents loomed over our brave young heroes
Making difficult their quest for freedom
There were guarded fiercely, like jail inmates
This was a kidnap that demanded no ransom

The sweet smell of coffee permeated the room
The parents as usual were drawn to this scent
As the guards abandoned their post for a welcome drink
The lock on their cage loosened for a moment

With a look of triumph on their faces
They made a run for it, without a moment to spare
Like birds freed from long captivity
They sped away gleefully, on their respective wheelchairs!


Rohith said...

hey this is a nice one.
pretty good cuz we have no clue until the last line why it was so important.
good one!

Archana said...

what a twist the last line is!...very well described...and here's introducing our newbie poet....Thudl Yayyybraham!!!